“The right of a sovereign government to take private property for public use upon payment of just compensation.”

A.M. Appraisal Associates, Inc., including the principals, Gregory C. Story and Philip F. Murphy, have been recognized as one of the area’s leading eminent domain appraisal firms.

They provide an in-depth knowledge in the field of eminent domain acquisitions based on their combined 35+ years at the Massachusetts Highway Department. This experience has given them a unique perspective on the responsibility and valuation of the taking authority.

Eminent domain appraising is a highly specialized field within the appraisal industry. AM has been involved in various types of takings ranging from uncomplicated strip takings for highway purposes to complex acquisitions (flood control projects, pipeline/utility easements. etc.) resulting in severance damages that affect the majority of the bundle of rights in the fee simple ownership.

A.M. Appraisal’s governmental background also benefits their approach in the appraisal process for the areas top eminent domain attorneys who represent many of the plaintiffs affected by these takings.

The principals at AM are court certified as experts in Superior Court and JAMS mediation as well as in most jurisdictions in Massachusetts. Many of the court actions, however, are resolved prior to trial through negotiations which negotiations are largely based on the strength of the appraisal

For further information please contact:
Gregory C. Story: gstory@amconsults.com
Philip F. Murphy: pmurphy@amconsults.com